Know Us

Steve Diehl was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho on steak and potatoes and raised by generations of farmers.  Steve understands the importance and value of eating locally raised meat and produce.  His passion for cooking high-quality foods was the inspiration behind Twine.  Making local farms more accessible inside the city limits of Baton Rouge, preparing unique meals and side dishes for customers who desire quality without the luxury of time, and educating customers on the benefits of local, sustainable products is truly a passion.  Steve has a diverse culinary career after working for over 15 years learning various cuisines and as a personal chef in cities ranging from Boise, Idaho; St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands; Nantucket, Massachusetts; and for the last several years in Baton Rouge.  Steve settled in Baton Rouge with his wife, Kristin Diehl, who was born and raised in South Louisiana.

Visit Steve at Twine and learn more about what you eat.